Our Services:

  • Shipping.
  • Clearing.
  • Parcel Delivery.
  • Crew Change.
  • Technical Assistance.
  • Special Transport.
  • Marine Support Services.

CTR Sarl Lome

CTR Sarl, Lome aside the normal services provides the following as well.
  • Diving Services
  • Provision of Armed Guards on board vessels at anchorage during Ship to Ship or bunkering operations

CTR Sarl Cotonou

The core activities of CTR Sarl-Benin, apart from vessel husbandry, is more related to cargo clearance.

CTR Sarl Tema

Customs clearance is an integral part of the CTR Sarl-Ghana’s business. Our specialist team is well versed in dealing with all the essentials, but very time consuming, paperwork for Oil, Gas (LPG/LNG) and Chemical cargoes. Their experience and close attention to details ensure that whatever the destination, customs clearance becomes little more than a formality. It’s quite simply one less thing for you to worry about.